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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Are Back Online.....Destruction Bay

As we begin our travel towards Destruction Bay, you can see the fall colors starting to come out.
 On our way we stopped for breakfast.
 We were told that they have great pancakes here.
 We have been meeting one of the other couples for breakfast.
 This ended up being breakfast for two days. Yum!
 Strange places along the way.
 More road work
 More vacant buildings
 Dust was really bad on these sections that were being repaired.

 We stopped to view the dust mess.

 As we started to pull out from the rest area, this guy came out of the bushes.
 He looked around.
 Then started to walk towards us.
 Casey was at the door but didn't bark.
 The bear must have smelled Casey because he stopped at the door and looked at it. Joyce got this picture from the passengers seat as the bear walked away.
 Further down the road we stopped at a museum.

 Some info posted.

 That's our campground ahead
 Nice huh! I had to check it out.
 This young man was working with tree burls and making bowls and other items.
 Joyce bought a small spoon holder.
 That's our dirty coach and car.
 We had a group roast beef dinner.
 Was pretty good.
This was a one night stop. Tomorrow we head out for Skagway.

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