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Monday, September 7, 2015

Skagway Continued

We are heading To Juneau
Whereas there are no roads to Juneau, we are going by boat.
Heading out
Alng the way we take in the sights.
More Glaciers 
And a lighhouse that is for sale.

Then we came across some Hup Back whales that were feeding.

And a Bald Eagle
Some of us stopped here for lunch

It is very obvious that Juneau is nothing more than a tourist trap that is full of jewelry stores.
These store are owned and run by the cruise ships and once you walk in, the sales people are all over you.
I took this shot from the second floor of the library
Same here.
They even have free shuttle to Walmart
This glacier was along our bus tour.
A closer short of the glacier
Large pieces of ice breaking from the glacier.
Red salmon at the end of their life.
On our way back to Skagway the whales now numbered over five. They were doing what is called Bubble Net Feeding

At the island where the lighthouse is, we found these guys.

The end of another great day!

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