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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Three Nights In Skagway

On our way to Skagway

Nice road with no traffic

And more empty buildings

Along the way we spotted some mountain goats

Our camera was at it's max trying to get these pic's


This was in the center of a small town we passed through.

Then we came upon this old bridge.

Back on the road.

The following pictures are of a lake with streaks of green in the water.

Can you see the shades of green.

Just a break

The remains of parts of a gold mine.

A slow comfortable ride until!!

I spotted these guys coming out of the bushes. I'm glad that no one was behind me.

Mom and two cubs just discovered us.

Time to move on.

See ya!!

This area along the road had rocks all over the landscape.

The bars you can see in the picture are there for when the fog is heavy. There are reflectors on the top bar so you can tell where you are.


Welcome to Skagway

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