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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cassiar Highway To Tatogga Lake And Beyond

Back on our way again.
 There is so much scenery

What's going on here?
They're installing utility poles. Wow, someone is getting electricity.
Had to stop at Jade city
Jade everywhere.
Also has some neat old machinery.

And a picnic table that will last forever.
That is a large Jade rock.

Remington made chain saws?
Small pieces of Jade

This place was full of stone cutting saws and Jade.
Time to get out of here.
The lonely road
Another bridge

Someones private fort
And we made it to our camp for the night.
We are on the water.
Nice picture
And that's Casey out for a swim.
Wow, that was cold
And a big breakfast prior to our departure.
And we are off.
Something of interest
Rest stop
I love this kind of ride.

Had to stop for this.

A chopper checking the wires.
Into a canyon

Almost at our next stop

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Vic said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!!