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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last Day In Skagway

Cool van. Is that Alfred E. Newman?
The group took a train ride on the old rails that run all the way to Anchorage.
A work camp for the men working on the tracks.
This is a narrow gauge train.
Comes very close to the rocks in some areas
We are in some early morning fog.

They run more than one train at a time
This was a stop for the miners coming into Canada. The miners had to have enough supplies to last them a year and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had to check them all.
Here you can see the original trail.
This is gonna be close
The old train trestle is breaking up.

More fog.
Heading for another bridge.
You can see all the way down.

Somebody put MM on the rock.
This is us.
The rivers are running hard
On our way back, they guys are on break and warming up.
This is looking at the other train.

Some of the views.

Spare parts I guess?
Back at the station
This guy was just getting ready to leave.
A view of Skagway

All of these stores are gift and jewelry stores.

The exterior of this store is finished with small sticks.

And it's time to head out.


Vic said...

Those bridges don't look very safe!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We loved that train ride!