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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tatogga Lake

Once at our new camp, we headed out to see what there is.
Bear country
This is a place where bears frequent.
No Bears but a lot of dead fish.
The Gulls were having a feast.
Man was it cold.
Had to stop at the Ghost town, Hyder.
Which is just over the border

There is a border crossing here where you can cross into Alaska without stopping but returning you had better have your passport because the Canadian border will stop you.

Happy Hooker!!!!!

Not much to see on the docks.
But you can see where all the logs are waiting to be moved.
This guy lives out on the water. Note the grass and tree in front of the house.
This is the last stop on our trip.
There are some interesting places in the town.

The fire house.

And this odd boat was outside to the left of the fire house.
What is it?
Name tag on the dash of the boat.
Center of town.

Another home made snow car???? Looks like an old Crosly.

Crossing the border.
Empty buildings.
Plywood full of nails was placed in front of the entrance door on one building. Keeps the bears out.
You can see the plywood.
Out of business.

Even the church is closed.

This place has the best fudge.
Ghost town
This place is for sale.
They use just about anything for a home.
On our way back saw this guy.

From camp, we all said our goodbyes in the morning and headed out for home. 


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Wonderful place, great to see the bear working the stream:)

Vic said...

Yikes, a bit close to those bears!