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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, A Windy Day In Bracketville

It was a windy overcast day so we decided to just ride around and see what we could find in the immediate area. Bracketville is a very small town that the locals call a "City". The "City" is mostly what you would call a ghost town as you can see by the pictures we took of the center of town.
A row of about four buildings along the main street.
From across the street
Fireplace inside one of the abandoned buildings

While driving down one of the side streets we came across an old home. This Plaque was mounted by the front door of the home below.
One of the towns historic sites. We saw other homes in the area that didn't look much better and people were living in them.
One of two dinners in town, we went here for lunch. Food was great!
The Calvary used a lot of the Seminole Indians as scouts, so the town has a cemetery specifically for the Indian scouts and their families.
Plaque in the cemetery.
One of the old crosses
Medal of Honor
Mr. Handsome Hall died at the age of 70 and only got a wooden cross.
A few of the grave have large holes hollowed out in the area of where the body might be. Do you think that might have dug their way out????
The headstone says it all.
Took a ride to the next town 30 miles away and this was the only interesting thing we saw. Can you find what's wrong with the picture??
Oh! Oh! Time to RUN!!!!

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