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Friday, February 6, 2009

Laredo, Tx.

On our way to Laredo, we passed thru Freer, Tx. and this large Rattlesnake was in front of the Chamber of Commerce building. Joyce just had to get a picture so I made a very fast stop. Note the Sign.

The ride to Laredo from Corpus Christi took about four hours. Three hours of that ride was in high cross winds that reduced my gas mileage from 7.5 mpg, to 5.8 mpg. My arms were a little sore from trying to keep the motorhome going straight down the rode.
Coming into town, you can see the dust blowing across the street.
Once we got parked at our camp site, I noticed Roadrunners all around us
A shot of our site.
After setting up in our site we took a ride into town to look around. We were only able to get a site for one night due to some event going in in town. Seems that the State Park was offering free camping to the locals to try to promote camping within the town. So as we drove the old main street in Laredo, we did get to see some strange sights. Laredo borders Mexico so the population looks to be about 98% Mexican.
Laredo's economy is based on international trade with Mexico. It is the largest inland port in the United States.
This outside store has cattle skulls and hides, note the name.
Turned to go down this side street but it goes directly to the border.
There are stores lining both side of the street, state side of the border. Run by the Mexicans, they were selling everything cheap. I spotted some JVC speakers that I had purchased back home, that were half price here. You name it, they had it for sale.
At the end of the day a lot of the Mexican head back over the border after shopping all day.
Neat mailbox post.
Did you see what it says above the fire truck?
Back at the campground.
This old church sits on a hill above of site.
That's us in the center below. Well time to plot out our trip for tomorrow.

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