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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Bend and No Phone Service

We are at the town of Marathon which is at the entrance rode that leads to Big Bend. The Gage Hotel in the picture below, was built by a gentleman from Vermont. Check it out by clicking on the Gage Hotel link above.

Joyce did the five hour drive to Big Bend and parked us in the campground and I must say she did an excellant job.
Took a ride to the "Hot Springs" that are about 4 miles from camp. The springs are on the shore of the Guadalupe river. Walking to the river we past a couple of old vacant buildings. This one was a general store for the tourist.
The Guadalupe
The path to the Hot Springs borders the cliffs and there were flowers growing out of the rocks.
Just me hamming it up under this huge clump of Palms.

In order to post, we have to drive 3 miles to the top of a hill. That's the only place to get service so I didn't get to post all the pic's I wanted too.

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