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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bracketville, Tx.

Meandering along to our next destination Bracketville, we passed through some old towns. One of those towns was Catarina, below is their used car lot.
This is the old Caterina Hotel & Restaurant, the palm trees were growing in the center courtyard..
We finally reached our destination, the Fort Clark Springs. This facility is a RV park, Hotel, Golf resort, that also sells house lots.
Plaque describing the Fort Clark.
A dream of one Fort Clark Member, Lt. Col. Ralph E. Beard, Jr., USAF (ret.), is now a tribute to the U.S. Cavalry.
The "Empty Saddle" horse is molded fiberglass. The saddle, bridle and saddlebags are leather, which have been preserved by fiber glassing and the stirrups and reins are metal for durability. The statue sits on a fieldstone base, which is partially surrounded by guidon flags representing the various cavalry units that served at Fort Clark. The iron fence posts alongside the statue are well over 100 years old and were
from the King William District in San Antonio.
Flanking the monument are two eagles, which are proud symbols of the United States and serve as guards for Rebel, the Empty Saddle Statue.
During the official dedication ceremony in 1983, the "Empty Saddle" memorial was donated to Fort Clark Association, Inc. by Mr. Beard and other members who donated the material and built the monument
Some of the old barracks within the complex.
These are now used as Hotel room.
The Fort received all of it's water from natural springs on the property. These springs are used for the swimming pool. This pool is the third largest pool in the state and the water temperature is 68 degrees year round.
This is the spring pool that feeds the pool. The water is crystal clear.
There is a plant growth in the spring pool that I assume helps in keeping the water clean. There is also an abundance of fish in this area. This is the water that runs directly into the swimming pool.

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