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Friday, February 13, 2009

Seminole Canyon State Park

We headed out for Seminole Canyon State Park but had to make a stop at Walmart for some med's. While waiting for my refill, this couple was loading their groceries. Had to take a picture of their nice set-up, they are from Michigan.
We are traveling along route 90 because we wanted to tour the old west of Texas so this is a lot of what we are seeing in the small towns that we pas through. This building was along the center of town in Comstock.
After about an hour and a half of ride through desert land, we arrived at Seminole Canyon State Park. That's Mexico off in the distance and WOW, you want to see the stars at night. The Milky Way was visible along with stars we haven't seen in years. What a beautiful sight!

The town of Langtry was about 25 miles west of us so we had to check it out. I knew that this town would have some old west history.
The ride to Langtry
We passed over the Pecos and the railroad could be seen in the distance.
The site of the town of Vinegarroon, which was named after a scorpion type of insect that is common to this area.
Story of the Silver Spike
Coming into the town of Langtry
Ghost town one mile before Langtry
Doesn't look like much, but it's home to someone.
Awe, time for a cool one!
Says it all

Where's the bar keep??
The Judge had a pool room in the back.
Some memorabilia hanging on the wall.
That's the Judge's wife on the left.
Nice windmill in the back.
This was Roy Bean's home

Another home in town
Needs a little repair.
This is the center of town.
A drive down Main street.
They even have their own campground, should have stayed here.
On our drive back to camp, the Turkey Buzzards where everywhere.
Buzzards waiting for lunch??

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