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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Ride Around The Block

I didn't have time to post Saturday because we didn't get back till after dark, so I'm a day late. We figured that we would take a ride to Fort Davis, the McDonald Observatory, and Marfa to see the Marfa Lights.

So, at the start of our ride I spotted this windmill in a field and it looked like a nice picture. This is an Aermotor Brand windmill, which we have seen a lot of but most seemed to be not working or broken due to age.

This marker was on the side of the rode but we were not able to locate any remains of the school. There were a lot of these historical sites along our route and we tried to stop at as many as we could.
This marker explains the next picture.
The remains of the home are covered.
Antelope at play? There were a lot of these along the side of the rode.
We came upon this old cemetery in Fort Davis.
Some of the old grave sites.

We had to walk between two homes and through this field to get to the cemetery.
This beautiful old building was in the center of town in Fort Davis, I would guess that it was the court house but I'm not sure.
Below are some pictures of the Hotel Limpia
The hotel has been restored and decorated to match the period of it's youth. Note, Joyce reading the newspaper by the fireplace.
This is a typical bedroom at the hotel.
You can walk out of your room to this enclosed porch.
The sitting room for reading or relaxing.
Joyce with her luggage, all the period chairs in the lobby had luggage placed next to them.
We drove out of town and came to Fort Davis.

The Park Ranger gave an interesting tour which we very much enjoyed.
The fort was manned by the Buffalo Soldiers
Some of the buildings that are being restored.
These homes within the camp are replica's of the originals. A building was only restored if it had the original four walls.
The old historic rode from El Paso to San Antonio is still visible. The fort was constructed because of the complaints from the people that traveled the road. The Indians would attack the wagons as they traveled the road.
The road.
After we toured the Fort, we stopped across the street for some BBQ at the Chuck Wagon!
BBQ and home made beans, mmmmm!
Back on the rode to McDonald Observatory
We made it but missed the tour by ten minutes and we would have had to stay too late so we moved on.
Back down out of the mountains, the scenery was great!
After a long but scenic drive, we came to the town of Marfa
The main reason for us to come to Marfa, was for the Marfa lights.
This beautiful building was constructed along the side of the highway in what resembles a rest area. Here people can park safely to view the lights.

We returned to the viewing area after sun set. The temperature was about 38 degrees and the wind was picking up. Man it was cold so after about fifteen minutes of standing in the cold and seeing NO LIGHTS, we were ready to leave. Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!!

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