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Friday, February 20, 2009

Home, Home, on the Range!!

Morning at our camp at Study Butte just before we pack up to leave. We decided to only stay for one night because we saw all there was to see in one day.
Here we are heading down route 118 north to Alpine, Tx. where we plan on staying at least two days. There are places we want to see that are within 25 miles of where we'll be.
Oh Oh! Border Patrol, we were so close to the border in Big Bend National Park that we had a Mexican singing to us every morning from the other side of the Rio Grande river. We were parked about thirty feet from the shore. We have had to stop at two Patrol stations during our trip. While one of the agents questions you, the other one walks the BIG German Shepard around the coach.
That's the town of Alpine down in the valley. The ride was really nice and took us through the prairie. Alpine is a college town so we had a choice of two food markets, wow! They also have their "Cowboy Poetry" gathering coming up next week. We would have stayed for it but the campgrounds are all booked up.
As we pulled into Alpine Tx. I spotted these old cars in the back of an old garage. Nice cars with no body rot.
More of the same!
We are now at BC Ranch Campground on route 118 in Alpine, Tx.. We will be here for at least a couple of days so we can check out the area for interesting things to see.

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