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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Went To Memphis for the Day

Our day in Memphis started with a stroll to the Peabody Hotel in the center of the city. We had to be in the main lobby of the Peabody for 11:00 am so we could watch the Ducks come out of the elevator and walk to the fountain in the center of the lobby.
Yes, you read this correctly, there are ducks (4 female, 1 lucky male) that come down the elevator from the penthouse every day at 11:00 am, walk on a red carpet to the fountain in the main lobby, and jump in. They spend the day swimming in the fountain and having their dinner, then at 5:00 pm they jump out and return to the elevator for a ride back to their room.
The legend of the Peabody Ducks
Joyce with the Ducks in the Lobby of the Peabody Hotel
Another shot of the fountain.
Can you see the Ducks?
And for you Baseball Fans!
Beale Street, where the Blues started.
Beale street looking north.
Old Theater on Beale street.
Info. along the street.

Painting on the side of a building on Beale street, awesome!
Giving rides on Beale street.
This one is for my Son-in-law
Do you know what happened here?
Dr. Kings Room
Nothing has changed since the shooting.

Went over to Mud Island where there was a scale model of the Mississippi River from start to finish. This covers a half mile walk and is all casted in concrete sections. Click on the Mississippi River link above for further info. A short explanation of the Mississippi Riverwalk.
R/B Riverbarge was docked at Mud Island, these are two barges hooked together creating a floating hotel.
Just Joyce with some handsome guy by the Muddy Mississippi, surprisingly there were no boats or ships traveling the river while we were there.

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