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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goosenecks State Park

I heard about this Park on the internet and figured that since we were in the area, we'd stop for a night. We are parked on the edge of the canyon with no fence or rail so we have to watch out that Mac doesn't fall in.
We have a beautiful view of the river below and off in the distance we can see Monument Valley.
This is the view from our window as we were eating dinner.

The rain passed us in the background and we didn't get any but it did make for a nice picture.

Our campsite for $0.00

The road that we took to get here (Rt 161) turned to dirt and warned of a 10% down grade plus tight switchbacks. We stopped at the top and took a couple of pic's plus thought about trying this while having lunch.

Hairpin curve

Here, we just completed the trip down and this was the sign that is posted at both ends of this road.

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