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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day at Graceland

This is where we are camped, storm is coming in for the night. Tomorrow we go to Graceland.

The drive to Graceland only took about 20 minutes but I must say that the drivers in Memphis are the worse I've seen yet, even worse that at home. Graceland is in what I would call a depressed area but from seeing some of the old pictures of the area back in the 60's, it was pretty baron at that time. Now he even has the street named after him.
Here's Joyce at the front door to Graceland. Prior to coming to the house, we had to purchase our tickets across the street and go through a humorous security check where Joyce had to let the guard check her purse. Videos were not allowed so we had to check the video camera in a locker. I questioned the guard as to why the security is so tight and he claimed that there are so many crazy people that they didn't want anyone to get shot at Graceland and suing them. This guy was serious but I treated it as a joke, I think he was one of those crazies.
Elvis' bedroom was upstairs but the area is off limits to the public out of respect.
This is his parents bedroom which is located downstairs.
The living room is off to the right as you come in the front door, Elvis designed to his taste.
A very small portion of the gold and platinum records and albums.
Elvis had a horse just like this one that was his favorite, Joyce had to pat him.
The Pool Room
Dining room

This room was a racket ball court that was converted to another awards room.
Another shot of the same room.
His mother's favorite car although she never drove.
Part of his motorcycle collection.
Elvis is buried on Graceland with his parents and grandmother, who also lived on the estate. There is a plake at Graceland for his twin brother but his brother is buried in Tupelo.
His grave

This is a real hotel, note the name.

His favorite plane the Lisa Marie was sold to someone in Florida. After negotiations, the plane was flown to Memphis airport and towed to it's final resting place across the street from Graceland.


Jungle Room

I have to admit that even though I was never really an Elvis fan, I was blown away by what this man accomplished in his short life. He was well liked in the Memphis area although that could be because he donated money to various foundations such as the YMCA, the area hospital, and most anyone that was down and out. He was know to pay off mortgages of individuals that were out of work and on the verge of loosing their homes. His daughter recalls Elvis donating to someone as being a daily routine.

If you are ever in the Memphis area, I sugsest that you visit Graceland.


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