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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camping outside of Madrid, NM

Saturday was our last day in Chama and we needed to do laundry so off to town we went. Most of the town businesses were closed because there was a High School graduation party and I think we were the only ones not invited.
We were lucky enough to find the laundry and it was open for business.
The boring part of the trip, Laundry!

Waiting for the Dryer to finish the clothes.

Before leaving Chama, I found a shop that Sold Fudge.

Leaving Chama, we traveled route 14 so we would pass through the town of Madrid , NM. We had stopped here on one of our trips about five years ago. The town gave us the feeling of being in the twilight zone, so we just had to go there again. If you happened to see the movie "Wild Hogs", then you will know that the movie was shot in Madrid.

When we got to the town, it was so congested that we were unable to find a place to park the motorhome, or even a car. We really wanted to stop so we searched for the closest campground and that is where we are now. We will return to Madrid tomorrow to spend the day looking for the unusual.
Passing through Madrid
Prairie Dogs are on both sides of the road coming into the campground.
Joyce saw these Buddhist Monks go by us and she went looking for her prayer flags but realized that she left them at home.

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