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Monday, May 5, 2008

Capitol Reef National Park

I am posting from the campgrounds internet service which is very slow, I have been working on this post off and on all day. Took three hours just to upload the pictures so I had to reduce their size to get them to upload. I have a great little video but I can't get it to upload, will try again tomorrow.
We will probably be moving to a campground within the park in a couple of days and I will not be able to post due to no service.
We got up early (10:00 am) and headed to the park to see the sites. Mac came with us because it's tough trying to get out the door in the morning when he knows we are leaving. So we take him in the morning then we return to the motorhome and let him sleep in the afternoon while we take off again.
I would have to say that this is the most beautiful of the three parks that we have seen to far, but we still have two or three to go before we head home.
Tomorrow we do some off roading again to see some of the back country sites that not everyone gets to see.
Here we are at the entrance of Capitol Reef

Joyce was still looking for that special rock Still looking
And looking
We both found a special rock with a mouth and face, we are in the mouth.

Mac has to get in the act also.
Some of the sites from the road.
This formation is called the Castle
Joyce still looking
Pulled off the road for this shot.
An old Mormon Farm within the park.
Old homes in the town outside of the park.

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