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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oklahoma Memorial

We took Saturday during the Memorial Day weekend to visit the city of Oklahoma, and the Memorial. We parked close to the Ballpark, and by the sounds of the yelling, there was a ballgame in play.
Across the street from the park, there are numerous places to eat but once Joyce spotted Toby Keith's, the decision was made for lunch.

Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill" was our lunch stop.
The Bricktown Baseball Park where there was a game going on.
Oklahoma also has a River Walk but most of the shops along the walk were empty. We strolled along the walk after lunch.

The Bombing Memorial was about five blocks away and it was hot and humid. It took us about a half hour to get there from the river-walk.
The building located behind what was the building destroyed, is now a Museum for the memorial. One of the rooms within this building was blown in and full of rubble. This room was preserved as it was after the bombing. Whereas the room was located in the building behind the building bombed, it was totally destroyed. It is amazing what 4000 pounds of explosives can do. A total of 16 buildings were destroyed from the blast. The museum was very informative, but very sad to walk through.

This is a section of the fence that was erected around the Bomb site during the clean-up. After the building was demolished and the memorial completed, the fence was lifted by survivors and family members of the dead and moved to outside of the memorial area.
The number of chairs is greater towards the front center of the building designating where the loss of life was worse.
This picture was taken from the East end of the Memorial, the reflection pool is only 3/4 inch deep and constantly circulated and filtered.
This shot was taken from the West end of the Memorial.
Some of the memorabilia on the fence.

This tree is located in what was the parking lot behind the building. The car that were parked around and under the tree were totally destroyed and burnt from the heat of the blast. Although the tree was badly burnt, it survived the blast and fires, because of this the tree has been named the "Survivor Tree".
A shot from what would have been the back of the building looking towards the front. The chairs are used as part of the memorial to designate the missing chair at the dinner table of the families that lost loved ones in the bombing. The chairs are positioned with the first row representing the first floor, and the chair being in the area where the deceased worked in the building. There are five chairs positioned outside of the building for the five people outside that lost their lives.
This was painted on the side of the museum building by one of the rescuers The last line reads "And GOD Demands It!"

Walking back to the parking lot five blocks away, we spot another Buffalo. These Buffalo statures are scattered around the city.
The center of Oklahoma City at 3:00 in the afternoon on Memorial Day weekend.

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Hi ....Becky A. and Pam say hi !! Bridge kids from D-R moved back to Seekonk ! Becky is doing fantastic--much like my old Becky!! Love to look at all your travels and photos!! I only wish .....maybe in my next life I can do something like you guys are. You go guys ...explore and have a blast!! Pam