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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last Day in Bryce, and What a Day

On our last day we took another ride down a scenic "Backway" which means dusty, dirty, Jeep inside and out. So we figured what the heck why not get it really dirty so after traveling about 10 miles into no-mans land, we took some of the ATV trails to see where they went. Now keep in mind that these trails are for ATV's which are a bit smaller than a Jeep. We were probably about a mile in on the ATV path and I figured we had better turn around in case we got stuck. Below is a picture of the Jeep on the path.
Found a patch of snow.
On our way in on the ATV path we spotted these HooDoos. They looked to be close enough so we started our trek up the small hill.
Yea, small hill that seemed to keep getting steeper the more we climbed it. Remember, we are over 8000 feet up and the air is thin so I'm feeling like I'm ready for another heart attack and Joyce wants me to pull her up the hill.
Well we finally made it to the top so I jambed the camera in a tree to get a picture of us so we could prove that we did it.
A dead tree at the top that probably died from the lack of oxygen.
These are the HooDoo's that we saw from down below, can you see Joyce? I wanted her to climb to the top so we could get a really great picture. Wouldn't do it!!!
We had a great day running to back rodes in the Jeep and returned to the campground for dinner. After dinner we had planned to take a ride to a spot that was suppose to be great for sunset pictures. But------- after dinner my Kidney Stone decided it was time to move. The pain didn't back-off this time so it was an 18 mile ride to the hospital in the next town. It seemed like Joyce was driving very slow but I'm sure she wasn't. We finally got to the Emergency room entrance and the door was locked, oh man don't tell me they're closed on the weekends!!!
There was a button we had to push to get someone to unlock the door, ah the door opened and we were greeted by two nurses that immediately got me to a bed and started taking information. Wow, what service!! We then found out that there were only five people in this hospital and two of them were Joyce and I. The building and everything in it was new but this was mainly only an Emergency Room. The doctor that first saw me had a badge that read "Class of 2009", wow, this kid was still in school. While talking to the first trainee, the nurse called in the real doctor that lived down the street.
Well by the time the real doctor came in, the pain started to go away so we decided to give me some good drugs and see if the stone passes.
Joyce and I left the hospital, stopped by the local grocery store which was closing, and pick up some badly needed items.
Upon returning to the campground, the Kidney Stone had worked it's way down and I passed it just before going to bed. AH, the end of a perfect day!!


Kelly said...

Hi Paul and Joyce, Our students wants to know if you know any history behind the HooDoos (why or how they formed). Thanks Kelly

Paul & Joyce said...

Kelly, if you read the May 2nd post you will notice that the word HooDoo in my text is underlined. These are hyperlinks and by clicking on the word will take you to further information on the subject.