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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weeks Worth Of Catching Up

The following is an accumulation of a weeks worth of travel starting on the 14th and continuing to the present. I hate when this happens because it is very difficult pinpointing where the pictures were taken.

So if you notice any errors please forgive.

As we left Mackinaw on the 14th I notice a scooter that would be great for my older years but it must be awkward to steer.

The Mighty Mackinaw bridge lies ahead as we leave town. Oh yea....$12.50 to cross.

Not far into our ride we ran into the "Mystery Spot". I'm not sure if this is the same one I saw on the discovery channel.

The Story

Joyce is getting water from each of the Great Lakes for one of our granddaughters.

Still on route 2 as we travel around the Great Lakes,

We stayed at a Casino in Mi. with Water & Elect. for $15 a night.

We had to sample the local ware and in this area in the upper peninsular it is "Pasty"

On the 15th we pulled into Iron Mountain, Mi.

The Cornish Pump Engine

Info on the engine.

I could not believe how big this pump was.........WOW!

Some spec's on the engine

Having a background in manufacturing, it amazes me how machines of this size were constructed way back when we had crude tools to work with.

On the 16th our next stop was Wisconsin

And Joyce is getting another water sample

The travel info listed a Blown Glass Gallery so we figured that whereas it's on our way we would stop for a look.

Well after getting off route 2 and traveling down a back road for a few miles, the road turned to gravel and we were there. Yes, that IS an old Plymouth in the bushes.

After entering the house we found a very expensive display of various glass items for sale.

Oh yes, the house.......well it has been under development and construction for a number of years.

I guess that you don't need a building permit or inspection when you build your our home.

Once we found our way back to pavement we continued on to a wood carving place.

This place had some really great wood carvings and they were done with a chainsaw.

This was part of their back yard.

And guess what else they had in their back yard.........a red fox as a pet. This fox was raise for its pelt by some friends. This fox was lucky enough to be save as a pup rather than become a hat.

Onward into Minnesota.
Repairs to the road made it very tight passing through some areas.
Parked for the night at a campground in the Duluth area..
We visited the local dinner for a fish fry and guess who was there!!!!! And who said he was dead.
The next morning which was the 17th, we went to the Duluth air show. Had some nice vintage planes.

This B25J Mitchell Bomber was so sharp as she glittered during takeoff.
The bomber and fighter flying in formation, really nice
And then there were six Jap fighter / bombers that put on a show named "Tora Tora Tora" which represented the attack on Pearle Harbor.
The show was great with explosions everywhere as the planes made their passes.
The smoke and realism was done very well.
It really began to get smokey.

Here's a short video on the bombing.

Guess who else was at the show......yes for those of you that saw the movie Castaway, it was Wilson!

The next day was the 18th, we all sat around and discussed what to do.

We decided to take a ride to the local area to see what was up and that is when we found this old locomotive.....WOW!
Man, ain't she a beauty!
Next we turned off to this road listed as Skyline Drive, a scenic road. We came apon this alpine mountain ride that was really a self controled coaster that would go as fast as you allowed it to. We had to try it out.
I must say that it was a real rush to the point that I wasn't able to get any pictures until I was being towed up the mountain.

While we were at the top of the mountain, I shot this video of Duluth below and the mouth of the Saint Louis Bay......NOT the Saint Lawrence. DUH!

On the 19th we packed up and moved on. As we passed through Grand Rapids Minnesota, we were suprised to see that it was the birthplace of Judy Garland.
Could this be the "Yellow Brick Road"?
We finally arrived at the Itasca State Park for a one day stay.
Here in the park you can walk or drive t the head waters of the Mississippi River
And here's Joyce again gathering her water sample for Jessica.
This sign is posted at the head waters.
And here we are at the start of the Mississippi
Joyce wanted to make sure that she also got some dirt.

So at this point we are up to date or up to the 20th. I just hope that we don't hit another long dead area without internet signal.

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