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Friday, July 23, 2010

Camped at Fort Stevenson State Park

As we depart from the Casino at Devils Lake, you can note the time and temperature.
Back on route 2 we almost immediately ran into some heavy rain. I often heard that no one ever travels to North Dakota. I have to say that the route we took along highway 2 was uneventful because there is nothing there, just miles and miles of farm land. The road surface was smooth but the scenery was getting to be very boring. We enjoy traveling through the small towns but we didn't find many along this route. Oh look....a small abandoned building!
As we traveled, we came across the Geographical Center of the USA in Rugby, ND. They also had a tower dedicated to the Northern Lights.
The tower

And another pair of interesting items that we didn't want to miss.
I wonder how they got the stones

And here it is, so for us it was like our journy to the "Center of the Earth"......kind of!
As we left town and returned to the boring ride, I spotted this old church in the middle of nowhere.
Then we came to the town of Minot where we parted company with Don & Lucy. They will be here for ten days for the North Dakota Fair.
We tried to get a campground close by the Fair but the closest we could get was over fifty miles away.
So here we are at the Fort Stevenson State Park for three days. We have full hookup and the sites are huge. It is raining today but should clear by late afternoon. The temperatures have been very comfortable being in the upper 70's to mid 80's.
There isn't much to see or do out here in the wilderness but we are close to the Lewis & Clark trail so we will have to check that out.
Today is also Friday and we like to try the local fish fry when we are in different areas. We are on the shores of Lake Sakakawea which contains over 35 species of fish including trophy-size Walleye, Northern Pike, Chinook Salmon, Small Mouth Bass, Brown and Rainbow Trout, as well as Catfish and Yellow Perch.


Holly said...

I was born in ND but have not been back since I was a baby...I guess there is just not much there..thanks for saving me the trip!~ lol

Larry Jorgenson said...


You are probably as close to Saskatoon as you're ever gonna get. You guys really should take a drive up here and see the folks at the Saskatoon Andritz plant. I'm sure they'd love to see you. If you're really bored you can come through Humboldt (1 hr. east of Saskatoon) to collect the beer(s) I owe you on your way there or back.


Paul and Joyce said...

Holly, you really should return home to find your roots, there really is a lot of beauty here, it' just that it's endless.

Paul and Joyce said...

Larry my friend, we would love to stop by say hi and have a beer but it's just not in the cards for this trip. Our next trip up north will probably take us into your area because I won't travel this route again. Take Care Buddy!

joven said...

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