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Sunday, July 25, 2010

North Dakota State Fair

The State Fair is in full swing so we decided to take a ride to check it out. We left Casey in the coach with the AC running so we didn't want to be too long at the fair. Took us an hour to get there so we did the quick walk around. I wish we had time to see more but that's what happens when you have a pet.

They had some awesome farm equipment here. Man.....I couldn't believe the size of some of this stuff. This tractor had six front and six rear wheels.
Don't even ask me what this is but it's really, really big!
Then I was told to sit with the big rat.
Did I mention that they had chickens here?
All different kinds of chickens.
Then we took in a show of draft horses.
These guys were huge.
Different breeds but all big.
After the single horse carts, they changed to the twin team.

After watching the horses, we had to hit the road. On our way out of town, we came across this Heritage Center and had to stop for a fast look.
There are a lot of Scandinavians in the area and they wanted to clean up this small area to create a park. They did a great job!
This globe is suspended on a film of water and can be spun by hand. The globe is a solid piece of polished rock. Very impressive!
This is a view of the property.
There were bronze statues within the park.
What does Hans have in his hand?

Leif Eiriksson
Finnish Sauna......was closed

Hillside Waterfall
The father of modern skiing.
Casper Oimoen, 7 times ski jumping champion.
This church was beautiful, all constructed from pine.

Exterior of the church.
An interior shot looking up.
The alter.
Another shot of the exterior.
The national symbol of Sweden.
I asked Joyce to stand next to the horse for scale....bad end to be standing under!!!
Constructed in Norway and shipped here.

I really wish I could have had more time at the above places to get more information but as I said, we were cramped for time.

We got back to camp 5-1/2 hours after leaving the pup in her crate. The AC was running when we got back and the pup was happy to see us.

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