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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day At Devils Lake Casino

On our last day in the area of Devils Lake, we took a ride to Fort Totten.
The court yard of the Fort.
These are some of the buildings within the Fort. They are slowly restoring the Fort, one building at a time.
When the Fort was decommissioned, it was used to school the local Sioux nation children.
The fort building so contain some of the original period articles like these Warner products.
Some more of the stocked items in the post store. These items where still in their original boxes and must be collector items.
Here's a rack containing brochures of various products sold by John Deer.
Here is some information that was post in the window of one of the buildings.
Check out these great pictures.
School Band?????

Actual pictures of the bakery and laundry as they were.
On the way back to camp we stopped at Sullys Hill.
The area is a game preserve.
This guy was on the edge of the road.
And then there were Prairie Dogs
Some information on Sullys Hill

A view from the top of the Hill


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pictures and comments bringing your trip up to date. Was wondering what the temperatures are there? We live in South Carolina and the temps are in the upper 90s during the day (suppose to get close to 100 today) and only cools down to mid 70s at night.


Paul and Joyce said...

Temps during the day are upper 70's to mid 80's. Nights are cool and no need for the AC.