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Friday, July 30, 2010

Theodore Roosvelt National Park South

We are at Cottonwood Campground at the south End of Roosevelt Nation Park. There is no cell or Internet service here so I have not been able to post daily. I am sitting in town running low on battery power. So this will be a quick post. The weather has been great and North Dakota is getting prettier.

As we approached the Park exit I had to pass this guy so Joyce could get the shot of how they truck out here. That is one rig, three trailers
As we pulled into the town of Medora, we were surprised how small the town is.
Next right is the entrance to the park.
We made it, site #17
Prairie Dogs are everywhere in the park.
We took a ride along the park road to see what wildlife we could see and we came upon this view. I must say that this is one of my favorite pictures.
The two pictures below show some of the Badlands.

Then we came upon some wild horses.
There was an overlook at the top of a summit, nice view!
From the summit we saw what might have been Buffalo and I took the shot below.
Then we came up on some more wild horses.
And more!
A short video of the Badlands

A short video of an awesome storm that missed us.

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