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Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Missouri State Park

Today we are heading out for Little Missouri State Park. As we pass by these field of various crops, I thought I would pass on what we found out. In this picture, that is a wheat field but not just any wheat. This wheat is grown specifically for pasta. This wheat allows to pasta to cook longer without getting mushy. This field of yellow flowers is Canola and is harvested for Canola oil.
The field below with the small blue flowers is Flax, Joyce mixes Flax in her yogurt. There are also large field on Sun Flowers that are harvested late in the fall for Sun Flower Oil. The flowers are not in bloom yet so I didn't bother to take a picture.
This little guy is on the inside of the drivers window of the coach. I don't know how he got in but I stopped to let him out so he could fly home.
Along the way we came across this Indian Cemetery and I stopped so Joyce could take pic's.
A memorial by the members of the Arakawa Tribe for wise and faithful guidance of their chiefs.
The markers of many Indian Scouts.
Our next stop of interest was on route 22 at the Four Bears Bridge in New Town, ND.
The bridge has an interesting history due to the fact that it is the third Four Bears Bridge. There are three tribes that were deeply involved in the history of this bridge and if you enlarge the pictures below, you will be able to read about the interesting life of these bridges.
These are the end sections of the original Bridge.
It all started here!

Memorial Plaque at one end of the structure.

The tribes, Arikara



Memorial Plaque at the other end of the structure.
The Chiefs
The 2nd Four Bears Bridge.
Info. on the 2nd bridge.
The third Four Bears Bridge
As it looks today. This was a very interesting stop.
Moving along down scenic route 22, we began to get into some pretty areas.
With some nice twisties that would have been more fun on a motorcycle.
Light traffic on route 22
We are now in the Little Missouri State Park, note the horses behind the coach. Joyce is planning on going on a three hour ride down into the canyon in front of us.

This is a shot of the canyon in front of us.

A short Video of the Canyon.

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