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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shreveport, La.

We have seen just about everything in this part of Texas so we figured we'd take a ride to Louisiana. We tried to take the back roads so we wouldn't have to drive at 70 MPH.
This is one of those back roads in Texas. Beware of extra loose gravel!
The green clumps in this dead tree, are mistletoe. The deer love to eat it but it is deadly if consumed by us.
Texas has a lot of wild Boar and you will occasionally see one on the side of the road. These animals love to drink and as you can see, this guy had one beer too many. He's sleeping it off with his last can of beer stuck to his nose.
The rain has been so intense that all the small creeks have swollen beyond their banks.
Along the way we came upon this sign in the middle of nowhere and it was close to lunch so we took the turn.
This is Lake O The Pines and there is an old resort at this location.
As I said, the water table is a little high. Doesn't matter anyways because there's "No Parking"
Mr BBQ does the cooking here so this is where we will do lunch.
Joyce took this picture as we sat at our table waiting for our BBQ sandwich and a side of fried Ocra. The tree line reminded us of New England but without the fall colors.
We just finished lunch and it is getting warm. Time to shed the sweater.
We passed this old home and I just had to take a picture of it. I love these old southern homes and this one was in nice shape.
Here we are in Shreveport and there are Casinos everywhere as we come into the city.
Whereas gambling is only allowed on the water, all the Casinos are on riverboats.
As you approach the Casino, you will see the hotel and the main entrance that holds the restaurants, gift shops, etc. but no music from the slots. You continue down a ramp and you enter the riverboat casino.
In this shot you can see the side entrance. This ramp is capable of raising with the boat. If the river gets too low, they will move the entrance to the next higher level on the boat
Joyce was overlooking the Red river named for its color which is normally red from the iron ore present up river. The river is now brown due to the heavy rains.
This is just me hamming it up.
As we left the city, you could see more riverboats.

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