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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Gilmer Yamboree

Oh Oh, I banged my right knee a few weeks ago and this is the results.

Cool huh! Water on the knee but will wait till we get home to have it drained.
On the brighter side, we took a ride to Gilmer for the Yamboree.
We arrived just in time for lunch, mmmmm BBQ!
They also had a contest for the kids whereas they had to decorate a yam.
The kids did such a great job!
MMM a Yamburger
And there's Yamma Montana
And don't forget Yamaican Me Crazy
Some of the winners, perfect Yams!
We then moved on over to the livestock are. These are market Hogs.
And then there was the "Cow Wash"
Meanwhile, back in town there was the full support of the State Police

I wanted a funnel cake so bad that we stood in line for forty five minutes.

We shared a funnel cake then headed home, enough excitement for one day.

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Anonymous said...

2009 Yamboree wasnt fun though they didnt have all the things they normally have