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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Rain Is Back

Just what we needed, more rain and it is suppose to continue for the week. We actually had a small stream past our steps.
The rain tapered off for a few hours so we went for a ride. After a while of traveling the back roads, we came across the Handy Farms and just had to stop.
The farm and small store is owned and run by Melvin & Blanche Sparks.
The farm is very small but has a little bite of everything from shrubs to various preserves. The signs tell it all.
As we pulled in, Blanche came out of the house to great us. Blanche and Melvin are an old couple that survive on the money they make at the farm.
We bought some specialty items, like Blackberry Cobbler in a jar and a bottle of Grape Juice that was bottled like wine and tasted delicious. As I was picking out goodies, Melvin came in to the store with two Beagle puppies. Now who can resist a puppy, Melvin was selling them for $75 each but we are not ready for a new puppy yet. Joyce did get to cuddle one of the pups but did give it back to Melvin.
Here I am on my way out with the goodies.
Continuing down the road we began to notice that a lot of the roads are named after animals like the one below!

Joyce has taken up a watch for the Hummingbird and took this video. It was a little cool today and the bird spent most of the day feeding and it looked puffed up and cold. It drank better than a half inch of liquid food.

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