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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paris, Texas

Yup, we are in Paris Texas and that's their Eiffel Tower. And to think that we drove an hour to see this. Oh well there wasn't much else to do and it was a beautiful day as you can see by the blue sky.
This marble insert is located at the base of the tower and shows where Paris is located. Can you see it in the upper right hand corner?
Does it look taller than 65 feet?
I'm sure that this defers the kids from climbing the structure.
On our way back to camp, we were traveling the highway which has a speed limit of 70 MPH. Suddenly the traffic came to a stop as a funeral precession came out of the funeral home. We couldn't believe that everyone on the road stopped right where they were until the last car in the precession passed by. Something to think about!
As we got inside the coach and turned the TV on, we were surprised to see that the Patriots were being televised. They were playing in the snow, wow. Our home is only about 27 miles from the stadium.
The Pats are playing the Tennessee Titans who used to be the Houston Oilers so that's probably why the game is on here. The score at half time is Pats 45, Titans 0.

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