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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Audie Murphy & JR's Ranch

We were on our way to Dallas to see the ranch where the TV program Dallas was shot. This was about a 200 mile round trip but it was an overcast day and we didn't want to sit around in the coach all day.
On our way, we passed this sign so pulled off for a look.
This memorial overlooks highway 30 and honors those from the town of Greenville that were killed in the various wars.
Some words of our former presidents

This memorial also pays tribute to the most decorated hero of World War II, Audie Murphy

This bronze statue of Murphy stands on a solid granite block
There was also a museum dedicated to him and American Cotton so we checked it out.
The museum was very informative, and included a very good short movie about Murphy which covered his younger years as he grew up, till his death in 1971.
We were surprised to find that his grave was the second most visited grave site in Arlington National Cemetery.
Murphy was known to give some of his medals away. This is a representation of his medals.
From the Museum, we crossed the highway to pay a visit Mary of Puddin Hill.
I love these little shops and I love chocolate. Mary was best know for her Fruit Cake.
Everything is made from white chocolate, there are even very small mice in the attic.
Life is like a box of chocolates!!!
We continued on after buying a small fruit cake, and came up to this car at a traffic light. A Texan making a statement.
After a long ride, we finally arrived at Southfork Ranch. This is the ranch where Dallas was filmed. From here we went on a tour of the museum, home and grounds.
Oops you're going to have to turn your head sideways for this picture. Do you remember "Who shot JR" ? Well here's the weapon.
Here's some more useless information, I wonder why they didn't use a "Weber"!
Nice but no big deal! Guess it was pretty advanced for it's day.
25th anniversary reunion

As we toured the home, I took a lot of pictures of the interior. It should be noted that no filming took place inside the home during the series. All interior shots for Dallas, were done on a sound stage. The studio only used the grounds, swimming pool and exterior shots of the home for the filming. The original owners were still living in the home during the series.

Here are some of the shots that I took during the tour. What's for dinner? The original owners of this home had two sons.
Obviously, this is the kitchen. It is dated but very advanced for it's day.
This room was beautiful and overlooked the pool.
Is this JR's Throne??
This deck is off the master bedroom which has a king sized bed that is located in the center of the bedroom. The pool can be seen below.
And here's that handsome couple again. Camera shot from the fence post.
On our way out the donkeys were making a lot of hehaw noise. Seems that everyone was looking at the horses and no one cared about the poor donkeys so we ignored the horses and fed the two guys some grass before we headed out for our long ride home.

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