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Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Monday In Canton, Tx.

On the first of each month the town of Canton, Tx. has what they call First Monday. First Monday actually starts on the first Thursday of each month so go figure!

All I can say is this is BIG..... but everything in Texas seems to be big. This place is so big it would take about three days to see it all. It's an indoor / outdoor flea market that has everything you could ever want.
There are also areas in the parking lot that has hookups for RV's.

The series of buildings are scattered and each building may have up to 300 vendors.
And it seems to go on forever
And ever
Surrounding the buildings, there are the outside vendors that seems to be just as big.
Then there were the dogs, and they were all dressed up for the occasion, and they belonged to the shoppers.

Last but not least, what every Redneck hunter would want hanging on his wall. Click on the video!

On our way back to camp which was 1-1/2 hours away, we passed a field with two camels grazing. I had to turn around and go back so Joyce could get the picture.
After passing the Camels, we passed a small town town campground. Papa Johns Pizza was parked there when we passed in the morning. Seems that the Pizza Mobile has posted a schedule of their stops in the surrounding towns. The campground was nothing more than the grassy area behind the sign.

We finally made it back to camp. They have been haying across the street. Bails as far as you can see.

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