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Friday, April 4, 2008

Seeing the Sights in El Paso

We were on a mountain road and viewed the Border Bridge in El Paso and want to get a closer look so we went to town.
Border Bridge.
Local shopping at the Border
Main Street
The Border Bridge
Our stop for brunch.

Two eggs, potatoes, refried beans, on floured tortillas topped with red chile sauce.

I found a bakery (love the GPS) and purchased some goodies, problem is I was so wide eyed with the bakery goods that I forgot to get the names of each of them.
All with powdered sugar coating, mmmm!
Took a ride to the US Border Patrol Musuem, amazing what some people will do to get into the USA.
Homemade Motorcycles

Boat made from two truck hoods welded together.
This boat carried 16 Cubans to our shores. Steel frame wrapped in a taupe.
Went off the beaten path and took a ride down a back road that turned into desert, so we did some mild off-road stuff.

OH! OH!, Did I take a wrong turn?

Time to leave

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