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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Trip to Chiricahua National Monument

Our trip took us through the town of Tombstone, Arizona. We have been here in past years but decided to stop for a quick look around. The streets were lacking people, I would guess we saw about two dozen people milling around. It was early and it's not the tourist season yet so things are a little slow for the gun slingers.
OK Corral
Main Street (not high noon)
We didn't stay long in Tombstone because we had a long ride ahead of us so we just walked around for a while and continued on.
Back on the rode, we saw a lot of Dead trees that were perfectly preserved like the one below.
Ranch along the road.
After about a two hour drive across some wasteland before we finally got to the Chiricahau (pronounced cherrry-cow-ah) National Monument. The road through the park was lined with a lot of trees that obstructed the view of the rock formations and HooDoos. This would have made it difficult to get some pictures if we had been in a car but we had the top down on the Jeep so Joyce was able to get some good pictures by standing on the seat.
It was a bit spooky driving along with some of these formations balanced over our heads.
View of the Canyon below
Balanced Rocks

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