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Friday, April 11, 2008

Now in Quartzsite, Ar.

We are now in Quartzsite, AR. the Rock Hound capital of the world. This town of about 2000 swells to over a million in January and February when the town host a Gem show that also turns into an RV show of new RV's and accessories. This is also a gathering spot during those months for RVers from all over the USA that want to get away from the cold winter weather.
There are thousands of acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land where the majority of the RVer's stay. There is no electric or water so you must have solar power, and or generator, plus enough water to last as long as possible so you don't have to pack up and go for water. We are here for six days.
Most of the people have left for home, and the rest must be gone from BLM land by April 15th which is the end of their winter season.
It is 75 degrees with a nice breeze but the next few days are suppose to hit the high 90's. At least it gets cool at night.
We found our spot.

Here we are in the middle of the desert.

Riding off the beaten path.
Back in town, there's a dealer that sells only classic cars.

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John C said...

Nice elcamino! Would make a great gift for a former partner in Aft Eng.