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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday - Sunday Events

I woke up at 6:00 AM figuring that we would get an early start for New Mexico but instead I woke to an attack of Kidney Stone pain. I have had this problem in past years and it wasn't fun. I had been passing blood for a couple of days so I knew what was coming.
Well, I was about to have Joyce run me to the ER for pain meds, when the stone must have moved. The pain has stopped for now and the blood is gone. Keeping my fingers crossed. We were on our way by 10:00 AM.

Had to do a pit stop at the rest area for the dog, but Joyce refused to take poor Mac out, I can't understand why not!!!!

Giant Rode Runner along the highway.

Heading for Hidden Valley Ranch Campground in Deming, NM. The problem is it is located 8 miles down a dry dirt road and in totally desolate area.
Wasn't sure if we would ever get here but arrived in a cloud of dust and a hardy "Hi Ho Silver". You wouldn't believe the dust cover on the Jeep and motorhome!
This was the biggest Jack rabbit I have ever seen, when he stood up he was almost as big as Mac. There were Jack rabbits and Rode Runners everywhere.
The view from our window at our site.

We wanted to go hiking to see if we could find some gem rocks. We were told there were some in the area. There were also a lot of rattlesnakes in this area so Joyce was kind enough to let me go first and blaze a trail, I have to admit that she did excellent considering her fear of snakes.

No, we did not see any snakes or find any really good rocks, except for the one that Joyce is sitting on below.
I'm sure there are indians here somewhere.
Check out the Petroglyphs on the rock!
Close-up shot.
Nice Western scene!
We met some really nice people at the campground after we came back from our rock / snake hunt. The women chatted till well after sun down.
Had a late dinner and turned in for an early start in the morning. Hope we can find somewhere to wash the motorhome. Got on the rode by 9:30 AM.

We are here!
Finally found a car wash that I could get the RV in.
We are now camped at San Pedro Resort in Benson, Ar.

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