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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Last day in Zion

For our last day in Zion we took a ride through the park on the rode we will be traveling on tomorrow. I won't be able to tow the Jeep tomorrow because of the tight corners and narrow rode plus we had to get a permit to go through a mile long tunnel with the motorhome. The tunnel is an arch and only has 13 foot clearance at the highest point of the arch so all traffic must be stopped so I can drive through the center of the tunnel. Joyce will follow me with the Jeep.
Joyce wanted some colored sandstone.
Joyce and Mac looking for that special stone.
This is the tunnel I will pass through tomorrow.
It seems that ever since Florida, we have been plagued with high winds wherever we go. It doesn't matter where we have stayed, we always seem to have at least one day of high winds. Which reminds me that when we were driving here the other day, we were doing about 65 MPH on the highway when a Dust Devil hit us broadside. I did see it coming in the direction of the highway and I knew we were going to get hit, but I didn't realize how hard the hit would be. It tossed the motorhome around and forced us into the other lane. Not the type of thing I want to experience again.
Anyways, just around noon time the winds started to pick up in the park and the tour bus driver said this high wind was very unusual. Joyce and I knew it was the Wind God that was following us everywhere we go. As you can see below, a tree fell about 60-70 feet in front of where we are camped. The tree didn't damage the small trailer but the branches did make it difficult for the people to get out of there trailer.

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Bridge and Brenda said...

Hello again
I know its been a while but we have been following you. We also went on april vacation so now we are back in the swing of things. The pictures are simply beautiful, and the places you have been to so far are great! If you dont have time for a drink thats ok I'll haveat least 2 for you a week!!
Take care and Ill be calling you soon.