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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hiking and Biking Zion

I woke up at 4:00 AM by the sounds of heavy gust of wind and our large awning was flapping with that wind. I knew that if I didn't get up and put the awning in there would be a good chance of the wind damaging it. In the process of going out to put the awning in, Joyce woke up also.
I did get the awning in but now it took us a while to get back to sleep because of the wind noise so we weren't too surprised when we woke in the morning at 10:00 AM. Wow, we still had to take Mac for his morning stroll so we didn't get on our way till after 11:00AM.
You can't take the 6 mile scenic drive in your car because the road is closed to tourist traffic, so the park has tourist buses that offer free shuttle to all seven scenic overlooks and hiking paths. By using the buses, it eliminates the heavy traffic and problems with parking. There are so many buses running that you don't have to wait anymore than 6 minutes for the next bus to come along. This works so well that it should be done in all of the National Parks!
So off we went to catch a bus and ride to the end of the loop so we could work our way back. Some of the hiking trails were rated difficult and not for the lite of heart due to the height, so we stuck to the easy ones which still gave us a good workout.


The stop at the visitors center. A view along the way, can you see the shuttle bus at the base of the mountain? After hiking up and down 3 miles of mountain paths, it was time for a snack. If you click on this picture and enlarge it you'll see the natural stone arch. I had to zoom in on 8x power to get this shot.

We have a Hummingbird feeder on the window by the kitchen table. We can have our dinner and watch the Hummingbirds feed, it's really cool.

After getting back from our hiking, we rested for a short while then went for a two mile bike ride, check out the video below for a sample of our ride.

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