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Monday, April 14, 2008

A bit on the "Hot" side!

Took a short ride to the area of the Dome Mountains. This mountain area has rough dirt roads that travel up and around the mountains and give access to areas which have been mined for gold. The road is very narrow and rough so I took my time in the Jeep and had no problem getting up the mountain.
You must watch where you walk because some of the old gold mines are still open. I found a couple of open shafts that were about 30 feet deep straight down. Looks like people are still digging for gold but all we saw was rocks, Joyce did find some with nice coloring in them.
Joyce mining for ????

Desert Cactus in bloom

Working our way up the mountain road.
One of the open mines, this one tunneled in about 30-40 feet with two vertical shafts.
Temp. outside the Motorhome at 2:30

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Larry Jorgenson said...

Reminds me of a good country song - "she got the Gold Mine, I got the shaft!".

That is hot, but it's a dry heat. Heh heh.