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Sunday, November 1, 2009

We Are Here In Red Bay

We departed from Texas Saturday morning at 8:15 AM and headed for Alabama. Passing by Arkansas on our way. It was a sweet ride and we made good time. We passed this accident along the way. Looked like the truck went on it's side in the ditch. Don't know if anyone was injured.
Then at 4:45 we pulled into Red Bay and our final destination, the Tiffin campground.
It was a neat sight to see all these Tiffins together at the same place.
There is roughly 110 motorhomes here but not all are here for service.
A lot of people come here for service rather than go to a dealership because they know they will get factory service. Plus if you're paying for service, their rate is about $40.00 cheaper per hour than a dealership.
This is us and we are in site 50 so if you're in the area stop in. Most people we have talked to just come here to meet others and compare notes.
We are here for a few things and will probably be here for the week. The people here are so friendly that we tried to go for a walk and for two hours got no further than the front of our motorhome. Someone stopped to talk then more people stopped, then as they were leaving our neighbor came over.
This campground was an airport and Joyce is standing at one end of the landing strip.
At the far right of the campground is the service area with a total of 46 bays.
We took a ride over to where the factory is. These are some of the diesel chassis's
This is the main gate to the manufacturing facility. We were here in the spring of last year with our last motorhome.
Some of the new coaches waiting to head out for delivery.
More new ones waiting for delivery.
We took a ride to see the paint factory and passed a lot of cotton fields.
About five miles from the manufacturing facility in Mississippi is the paint shop
This place is huge and state of the art. I want to come back and get some pictures inside.

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Allan and Jeanne said...

We are back in Alabama in the Birmingham area. If you get down this way, let us know. Allan will be taking the RV to the Excel dealer in Decatur on Monday or Tuesday.