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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things To Do In Red Bay Alabama

It's Saturday and whereas we are still here, we need something to do. We have already done everything there is to do in Red Bay so we had to wander. Along the way we passed this collection of old cars and trucks. You have to love these old southern automobiles with there lack of rot.

Looking for a nice pickup? There are some nice classics here.
The interior on this Chevy still had the original headline and the interior was in good condition. Drive it away!!
Dismals Canyon was our destination today and it was a warm and beautiful fall day, ideal for a walk in the woods.
Some people passing by were nice enough to take our picture.
Look at the size of these leaves, we were told that they are from a magnolia tree.
Oh man!!!!! Glad we don't have any in our yard because I wouldn't want to have to rake them up.
We had to cross a stream, there was a large tree that fell across the stream so I used it as a bridge.
Now this is the bridge that crosses the same stream. Joyce was too afraid to cross the tree bridge.
So she crossed the foot bridge the tough way; yes she made it but it was touch and go for a while.
Along the path was this little waterfall.
There were some pretty areas.
This is the dance hall where the Indians performed their dance ceremonies.
Coming to the end of our walk in the woods.
This waterfall has a small rainbow t the right but it's tough to see.
On our way back to camp we passed this place and just had to stop for pic's.
Most of the stuff was junk but I'm sure that there was something here for everyone.
This is a shot of one section inside the building. Wow, I'm sure that some real bargains could be had.
During dinner we were watching the Alabama college game. The Crimson Tide was loosing until..... Leigh Tiffin booted a 40 yard field goal. Tiffin is the schools highest scorer.
Leigh is also the grandson of Bob Tiffin the owner of the company that manufactured our motorhome. After kicking the field goal, this place came alive with air horns going off. Guess others were watching the same game.

Good Night!!!!!

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