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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Remembered The Pictures

I wanted to get the sewer hose out of the water service bay and store it outside close by. I found the ideal spot under the last storage compartment on the drivers side. I used a 3.5" I.D. square PVC post liner that you can get at Home Depot. I bought one three foot section and two end caps. After pop riveting one of the caps on one end, I installed the other cap with a hinge and pop rivets.
Then a coat of flat black paint helps to blend it in as part of the chassis. In the picture below you can see it to the left of the exhaust. It's held up in place with 6" hose clamps fastened to the bottom of the compartment.
In this picture, I have the compartment door open so you can see the tube. This compartment door hangs lower than the storage tube so you can't really see it unless you bend down.
Here you can see the hinged door
My other project was to install a flat panel TV in the storage bay so we could sit outside on those warm nights and watch TV. The problem was how to store the TV during travel or when we are not using it.
I designed and made a swivel mounting bracket that has one half hinged and attached to the rail above the compartment door frame, and the other half attached to the TV back as seen below.
Here you can see the bolt that connects the two brackets and creates the swivel. When traveling, you spin the TV to face in then swing it up against the ceiling of the storage bay. I made a latching system to hold it safely in place against a foam frame so the screen is protected.

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