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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Express Bay

It's 6:50 am and we are heading for bay # 10 to get our stuff done. Some people have already beat us for the line up. We all pull up to our assigned doors and at 7:00 am the doors open.
That's our neighbor that Joyce is talking to, they happened to be the bay next to us having some windows replaced.
We had lost power to our rear view mirrors and the mechanics worked about an hour and a half before finding the problem. One of the wire connectors on the switch had a bad connection. We also had to have a light switch replace and a slide topper centered. Now we have to wait to get some areas of the paint buffed to remove what looks to be polishing compound.

To give you an idea of the turn around here, there has been over one hundred coaches serviced since Monday of this week. The reason for the heavy flow is a lot of snowbirds are stopping in on their way to Florida.

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