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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still Here In Red Bay

We had been on the tour of the assembly area last year but never toured he paint shop so off we went. The motorhomes start off in this area where they are sanded prior to the base coat being applied The line of motorhomes was so long that workers were working outside. Tiffin has gradually been increasing production and are in the process of hiring back workers plus new people.
After the coach is sanded to a perfect consistency, it goes to the first booth for the base primer coat.

Out of the first booth, the workers are waiting to apply the masking for the finish design. Click on the video to see the masking process.
The coach then moves into the next booth for the next color. Then remask and apply the next color.

This continues until all the colors are applied. Then the final step is to apply the clear coat which give the paint depth and shine.
This short video is the area at the end of the line where the paint is inspected and any defects are marked for repair.

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