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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A trip to Tuscumbia, Alabama

Joyce had read an article about a gentleman named Harvey Robbins who grew up in the town of Tuscumbia which is close-by. After many years, he returned to his home town only to find that the town was dying. Most of the stores on Main street were empty and the old buildings were deteriorating. Mr Robbins had sold his business National Floor Products in 1995 for $120 million so he had the resources to help the town.
It sounded interesting so we took a ride to Tuscumbia and to our surprise, the town had another surprise in it's past that we weren't aware of.

Mr. Robbins was instrumental in creating the Falls, the Water Feature, and the Train Ride.

The train travels around the entire parks, crossing two of the roads into the park.
Upon leaving the park, we ran into this sign, WOW! another historic stop only 3 minutes up the rode. Do you know what Helen Keller's favorite color is???? Answer at the bottom of this Posting!

We always seem to run into something interesting everywhere we go.
I took this shot of the front of the home and later noticed a figure sitting on the bench under the Magnolia tree. Could it be the spirit of Helen????

A memorial within the grounds, there were numerous memorials from all over the world positioned around the grounds.
The Trail of Tears also came through the town of Tuscumbia, Alabama.
We were on our way back to camp when I saw the sign and took the rode, but no Coondog Cemetery!
The Magnolia trees are in bloom, some of the trees are huge and the flowers are the size of your fist. I had to pick this one for Joyce!

ANSWER--- Corduroy

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