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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still in Intercourse

There is a gift store across the street from us, and in the back of the store there is a fish hatchery that has trout and bass more than a foot long.
There are also two swans here that are looking for a handout all the time. For a quarter, you can get a handfull of fish food from a vending machine.
Why is it that birds don't like me! After feeding the swans, this one tried to take my toes off.
I took this picture from a parking lot across the street from the campground. You can see the Jeep, it's parked in front of the motorhome.
On her way home from working in one of the small shops in town.
We took a ride around to look at homes. This farm was picture perfect so I had to take the shot.
One of the homes that was open for viewing. This was located in a 55 + community. We did the tour and was impressed with the quality of the finish. The frame was all 2 x 6 construction on the exterior walls.
I like the old stone construction homes.
This home is a duplex, there is another front door behind the tree.

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Vic said...

I like the large farm house....I think it would fit all of us comfortably!