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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just East of Morgantown West Virginia

Yesterday, (Friday) while we were at the Horse Park, we were able to watch a Polo match. Pretty impressive what the horses can do, let alone the riders!
During the match, a ball was hit over the side lines of the playing field. Another ball was thrown in and the game continued. After the game ended, no one came for the fouled ball so Joyce picked it up to save as a souvenir.
We got up early this morning and drove all day, and through most of West Virginia.
We got off the highway for a short time and while Joyce was driving, I took the two pic's below of a great old farm house. Wonder if it's for sale???? I could really live here!!!!
A shot of the side of the house as we were driving by. There was a bull grazing in the front yard.
We are now in the parking lot of a strip mall under construction. The only other thing in this area is a Walmart across the entrance rode. We found this just off an exit on route 68.
We pulled in and parked and as soon as I opened the door to get out, a bird was waiting for me. This bird was in attack mode Do you know what kind of bird this is??? We have run into this type a few times during our trip.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, so don't know if you got an answer to your question about the bird. It is a Killdeer (her call sounds like that:kill deer, kill deer). She is upset with you because she likely has eggs in the rocks where she is. They lay their eggs in rocky areas and the eggs look like pebbles. She didn't dislike you--just defending her "nest".