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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Late, guess we're having too much fun!

Well I'm a little late on my post, we got caught up talking to people within the Tiffin campground and I didn't have time to post at the end of the day. I wanted to get as much feedback from people that own a Tiffin coach to see what their complaints were. Joyce also had a chance to talk with the women to see what they like or didn't like. The whole experience was very informative and will be of great help if we decide to move up in the future.
We also did the company tour, the woman below is assembling the components of the cabinet that is located over the dash.

Below, this is a total floor assembly complete with ceramic tile being lowered into position. The tile is glued to plywood using a flexible adhesive to allow the floor to flex without damage to the tile. The plywood is then glued to the sub-floor.
This is a picture of the front end of a diesel pusher motorhome, how do they know where all those wires go?
Cabinets are being installed prior to the sidewalls being installed. You can see the waiting sidewalls on both sides.
This is one of the two side walls being manufactured. Large sheets of two inch thick styrofoam are cut and notched to create a path for the wiring and the installation of the square aluminum tubing that gives the walls their strength. Once the aluminum tubing is installed, all the seams are welded The wall assembly then travels into the lamination press where the inside and outside finished panels are glued, positioned, then sandwiched in the press while the adhesive cures.
In this picture you can see the roof assembly being lowered into position on the coach.
This worker is preparing to install one of the slide-outs with it's components installed.
Work going on inside as the cabinets have their doors installed.
As the motorhomes are completed, they arrive at final inspection where all systems are checked and any defects are corrected.

Remember the other day I had mentioned the Coon Dog Cemetery, well at that time we did not find it so I did a little research and guess what.
The sign says it all, these people seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

Some of the "lucky dogs" pun intended!

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