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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tennesee to Kentucky

We have moved along to Kentucky and we just pulled into the Kentucky Horse Park Campground. Will be here at least till Saturday and then we have to either leave or move to a no hookup field. There is a dog show this weekend and everything is taken. The last time we stayed here there was a dog show and we stayed in the field. The field is nice but it is suppose to be over 100 degrees and with no electric hookup, we would have to continuously run the generator so we could run the AC.
This place is beautiful and I will follow with pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tn, for two nights. It was so hot, we pretty much stayed in and kicked back.
This pool is in the park, and it is a huge pool but we didn't have the ambition to go in.

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Vic said...

Your almost home.....hooooray!!! We miss you guys so much!!!