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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sooner or Later, You Have To Go Home!

Well we've traveled 7,469 miles in 15 weeks, seen a lot of the country and met a lot of nice people but it's time to go home for a visit. We do miss our family and friends.
I say a visit because we have enjoyed this trip so much that I'm sure it won't be long before we are heading out again.
But first we will have to do a plan on where to go on our next trip. We did see a lot on this trip (15 states) but we didn't stay long in any one area other than Utah.
On our next trip we hope to extend the trip and spend more time in the areas that we visit.
I did a budget prior to leaving for this trip, I estimated we would travel approx. 7600 miles. I also estimated gas prices at $285 per gal. and campgrounds at $25.00 per night. Well as you can figure, my fuel budget was over but we were able to average our campgrounds at just over $12 per night. We were able to do this by purchasing a federal "Senior" card that gave us a 50% discount at all federal campgrounds. I also purchased a years subscription to Passport America which has a book that list participating campgrounds that offer 50% off their regular prices. Because of the campground discounts, we came in on budget.

Joyce and I were concerned about being together so much in a small area, but I am happy to say that we are still taking to each other and the dog is still alive.
We would like to thank all the people that have viewed our Blog, and it was nice getting the feedback and comments. We hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures and videos, and I wish I could have added more detail but due to time restraints and poor Internet connections, that was difficult to do.

We will be doing short trips during the summer months but don't plan on any long trips until after Christmas, at that time I will be doing the Blog again so until then, enjoy your summer and we will see you soon!

Paul & Joyce
and Mac


Vic said...

Mom, Dad, and Mac.....we can't wait to see you tomorrow!! The girls are sooooo excited and I have missed you both so much! We are happy you are coming home for a "visit". See you soon! Hugs and Kisses
Vicki, Paul, Brooke and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul and Joyce, I just want to let the two of you know i enjoyed this more than you can imagine. It gave me an opportunity to travel with you. I must say to Paul, I'm so glad Joyce is back home safely. I can't wait to see you. Thanks again for all your work on keeping us entertained..Love kelly

Anonymous said...

So glad your home and nice to meet up with Joyce at the mall and meet your granddaughters. I lost your number in my phone somehow......

mine is 508-222-7534 or cell 774-392-3127

or Pbjwalnut@aol.com....

..call sometime !!